Today, our Human Life is living at the age of full of newly advanced techniques and technology. People are getting more prone to these modernized gadgets where they don’t want to stress themselves. We are more inclined towards machines which everyone is realizing today and which is affecting human life as well. Though, it has made our life quite comfortable and exciting too. But, have you ever realized what our human life is relying on. We are blindly getting addicted to modernization.World; Death World; World Death; Human; Human Death;

Today, our life totally depends on gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, automobiles and much more. We are totally relying on these things and usually think that this is the reality of our life. But, I think it is time for reality check. It is for those people who are getting materialistically deaf and dumb and don’t want to face the bitter truth of their lives while calling themselves as modern and up-to-date. I am surely going to wake you up today and will introduce to you with the bitter truth yet real facts of your life which you really can’t deny. So, wanna know the 2’s in which our human life is totally rely on.

You can’t really deny- Our World is actually rely on these 2’s

1. LIFELife; World; Life World; World life; Human; Human Life;

Yes, this truly is the fact that we are here in this world because of our Life. No materialistic thing can replace a human life. No matter how advanced the technology grows but the one thing in which a human can totally rely on is his life. Life is the name of purpose, struggle, love, dedication and a number of feelings and emotions. I really don’t get it why and how one can take his life for granted. Today, human failed to understand that life is a gift of God and it has so much to offer. It is better to value it and don’t waste it by making ourselves fooled with the advancement and becoming gadgets freaks.

Life is all about giving more than just expecting. Our many soldiers and patriotic lost their lives just to empower the world with their courage, hardships, and dedication. It’s better to focus on humanity and for the welfare of other people. Though, Life is not a bed of roses but don’t make it more complicated while playing games or torturing ourselves on the social media platforms. You really can’t deny the fact that we totally rely on our life. So, it is better to take time for yourself and started thinking out of the box and out of your comfort level.


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