Vegetarian Foods are highly consumed foods which are used by many Indian families for years and years. No wonder, they are also part of our Religion, Culture and Belief as well. A vegetarian person is someone who only prefers to eat Grains, Fruits, Green Vegetables and Nuts and doesn’t allow meat in any form in their diet. People have their own reasons of becoming Vegetarian or Veggie. However, there are Top 5 reasons why should one prefer vegetarian food.

Top 5 Reasons why should one prefer Vegetarian Food?

1. Keeps you Hydrated

vegetarian food, vegetarian, foodYes, it is rightly said that eating vegetarian foods will keep you hydrated. Though, there are many people who are tired of drinking water every day and wanted to try something new. So, why not eat something which gives keeps you hydrated all long as much as water do. There are innumerable number of fruits and vegetables food which has high content of water.

Water Melon and Strawberries contains 92 percent of water whereas Pineapples, Orange and Raspberries contains 87 percent. Apples, Pears, Banana Grapes contain 74 to 84 percent of water in them. Cucumbers are as well highly consumed in summers which help in beating the heat strokes and keep your body temperature cool.


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