How do you define Sex? Is this all about physical needs for you or more than that. I think most of the people strongly believe that it is actually just all about getting involved with body to body. If that is how you define sex then you’re making your sex life boring and monotonous. Like we all know, Sex plays an important part in every human life. It is our necessity and everyone wanted the need for it. You can’t deny the fact that sex gives you more pleasure and fun than any other materialistic things fail to give. But, Do you ever feel worried that you are failing as a husband or boyfriend while satisfying your partner or Will ever your partner told you that you are making her bored or she doesn’t feel any sensuality?Sex, Sex Life, More SexLife

I guess it is the question which every boy ask himself that what exactly he’s missing out during sex. Sex is not all about physical needs; it is all about making your girl satisfied mentally and psychologically too. Why not try something new by which your girl will go gaga over you and ask for more and more and more. No, I am not here to give you any kind of stupid medicine to increase your stamina or size. Someone rightly said that “Size doesn’t matter” and I am definitely going to prove it. You just have to broaden your mind more and start thinking out of the box for God sake. Just follow 5 simple steps while having sex with her.

Size Doesn’t Matter- Follow 5 simple steps while having Sex with her

1. Know Your Partnerknow your partner; Sex, Sex life, life

No, I don’t want you to brag about yourself and started giving your introduction. You just have to keep it in mind that sex is all about knowing your partner physical needs. Most people usually feel ashamed and embarrass while talking about sex. It really sounds funny that you are ready to get naked in front of your partner at the drop of the hat but don’t want to talk about it. A women’s body is so mysterious with hidden truths. It’s better if you will talk about her body and physical needs that what she likes or what she doesn’t like.

It will make you aware that what precautions you have to take while getting intimate with her. You never got to know whether your girl liking your certain sex moves or not or she’s bearing the pain caused by you just because she doesn’t want to spoil your mood. You are failed as a husband if you are taking your partner’s feeling for granted. Knowing your partner will make your sex life more pleasurable, wild and full of fun.


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