Squats are one of the favorite exercises of professional athletes and bodybuilders because it not only helps in building insanely strong lower body but also provides a number of other health benefits. Squats are one type of exercise that should be a part of virtually everyone’s fitness routine as they provide whole body benefits. It’s relatively simple to perform, requires no equipment and can be done just about anywhere.Squats, Squat, Squat Exercise, Squat Exercises, Exercise, Exercises, Health, Health Benefit

There are numerous numbers of squats exercises which anyone can do like Standard Squats, Pistol Squat, Plie Squat, Sumo Squat and much more. They are not only for legs but also they benefit the whole body in a multitude of ways. This exercise is totally for you if you’re looking to shed pounds, maintain mobility or run faster. They actually offer benefits throughout your entire body including deep within your core. Apart from all these benefits here are 5 reasons why Squats is considered as favorite exercises?


1. Increase Entire Body StrengthSquats, Squat, Squat Exercise, Squat Exercises, Exercise, Exercises, Health, Health Benefit

Squats variations work more effectively than machine exercises like leg extensions and leg curls in working the leg muscles. It also corrects potential strength imbalance between the left and the right side. They also promote whole body wide muscle building. Squats with lighter weight are more effective at improving bodily strength than are parallel squats with heavy weights. Squats playing a major role in preventing obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.


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