Males are dominating in the field of comedy for so many years. But, it slowly started taking a new turn when women came out off their comfort zone and entered into this challenging field. We have seen a great rise in female comedians who are actively showing their talent in various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or You Tube. Among all of them, You Tube given them a great platform to showcase their hilarious and satirical behavior in front of the world.

Many of them has successfully broken the myths of taboos of Indian society that women can’t make someone laugh. There is a vast increase in number of female stand up comedians who are reaching to the great heights. It is very hard to make someone laugh but it seems like these women are born with deep and dark humor. Let us go through the Quite Hilarious Top 5 Stand Up Comedians in India.

Quite Hilarious Top 5 Stand Up Female Comedians in India

1. RADHIKA VAZRadhika Vaz; Comedy; Comedians; India; Stand Up; Stand Up Comedian;

Radhika Vaz was born in Mumbai is an Indian comedian and writer. She is as one of the county’s most well recognized stand up comedians. Her hilarious script, great comic timing and an ability to go where no man has gone before. Vaz performs regularly at various private events for lifestyle oriented brands like American Express, McKinsey & Co, Audi, Rado Watches and Radhika is a prolific writer too and she has reaching many millions of readers with her book “Unladylike, A Memoir”. She has also wrote and co-produced the edgy web-series “Shugs & fats” which won prestigious Gotham Awards In New York last year.


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