As an Indian, we all know that Indians celebrate its Independence day each year. Though, our nation became independent on August 15, 1947. It is a great and memorable day for all of us because we have got our freedom from the British rule after years of slavery. Every Indian feels great pride and honor on this day and show their patriotism. It been quite a year since we got our freedom but it still feels like we are still taking our freedom for granted. We are more busy in taking care of our family rather than country as a whole.Independence; Independence day; Have you ever think what really makes you a patriotic? No, no one can become patriotic by changing their display in social platform like Twitter and Facebook. People seem busy sharing pictures of National Flags or motivational messages over these platforms. Doesn’t it sound funny? You are doing nothing for the country and surprisingly showing your patriotism by sharing picture while sitting idle at home. No, no one is telling you to go to wars and shed your blood for the country. There are many other ways by which you can show your patriotism for the country. Here are, just 5 ways to show your patriotism on “INDEPENDENCE DAY”.

5 ways to show your Patriotism on“INDEPENDENCE DAY”

1. Respect others as you will be Respected

It sounds so simple yet impactful to show your patriotism. No, it’s not a rocket science. A real and freedom independent country is that which shows respect to others religions, caste, creed, gender etc. We as an Indian believe in “Unity in Diversity”. We have so much to learn from our and other’s culture too. It’s good to respect your culture too but it will make you more patriotic as a human if you will give the same respect to other religion with dignity. Religion can be practiced and learn rather than hated and stand against each other. The main problem in India is Religion and the easiest solution we have to solve it by giving and taking respect.


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