Yes, you heard it right I am going to give you how habit of saying 3 magical words can change your life, It’s my promise. If you won’t believe it so just try and keep reading it till end. We are living at the age where people are getting so busy in their day to day time. They don’t have enough time for their family, friends and even for themselves.

It’s good to be modern and practical but have you ever realized what magical words losing in your life. We usually forget to show our small gestures to other person who has done little favor for us. Things can be and have to be appreciated. We are born as a human and not a machine. So, courtesy demands one should not forget the 3 magical words which can change your life which are Thank You, Sorry and Please. Let me go through in on by one.

How 3 Magical words change your life?

1. THANK YOUThank you, magical words, change your life

Yes, it seems very cliche to some people but Thank you is one of the magical word which can do wonders in your or someone’s life. Thank you is more than just a word than you think and even imagine. We have been taught by our parents since birth that you should say Thank You to a person whoever does something good for you knowingly or unknowingly. We usually spent our everyday by taking help from others and what best you can give them in return which can make them happy and bring smile on their face. Just say “Thank You”, it’s not that difficult though. Be more humble and patient.

Just think that you have helped your friend or a colleague and he didn’t show any interest in you or ignored you than how do you feel?? Yes, you will feel very bad, offended and even you will not help him in future as well. Isn’t it?? Now, same way other people feel same way the way you are feeling right now. Thank You is not that tricky or difficult word in the dictionary which you can’t pronounce and don’t know the meaning of. We all are well- aware of this word but we usually take it for granted. “Thank You!!”


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