Well, every girl is expert in pouting while taking selfies. So, why not make your lips more poutier and add more shine, boldness and sexiness into it. Lips are one of the most sensual part of our body and most sexually appealed feature of our face. You can add more steam on your lips by playing with different colors and lip shades. Girls, it’s time to fasten up your seat belt and get ready to raise the temperature high. Let the boys go gaga and crazy over you. You are worth knowing the Top 5 Lipstick shades which your lips actually crave for.

Top 5 Lipstick Shades which your Lips crave for?

1. Bold Red “still a classic”

Lipstick shade, Lipstick, Lipstick shadesHmmm…sounds bold!! Red is the color associated with boldness and sexiness. Yet, Red color is considered usually for newly married brides. Red color termed as fire. So, let the world feel the warmth and steam of your lips with Red lipstick shade. It is high in fashion and trending these days. From Angelina Jolie to Sonam kapoor, no one escape from this classic color. Though, Red Lipstick comes in many shades like Coral, Rose Red, Fire Red, Ruby Red and so on.  Red lipstick are a rage these days. If you think your attire is boring for you, so let your bold red color on your lips do the rest of the work. It will give oomph and own style to your dress.


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