Have you ever wondered why being a 90’s kid is full of entertainment and fun? Just ask yourself once what the things which you all missed today. Yes, you got it right. It is individual sports or any sport which we play with our friends in playgrounds and fields. We were more active, full of energy and healthy too being born in 90’s which so many 21st century kids won’t be able to realize. With the change in technology, it has changed our lifestyle to the extreme, to very boring and dull at the same time. We are more depending on gadgets than our self today. Some of them have lost their physical strength and capacity to perform any kind of work.

With the frequent use of mobiles and mobile games, it has declined our physical activity to the core. Physical inactivity is a major risk which gave us not only poor health but also makes our life boring, dull and monotonous. If you’re afraid that your friends are too busy to play any sports with you than individual sports can be a good option for you. It gives much more health benefits than team sports. Here are the Top 7 Individual sports which gives you Health benefit more than any gadget.

Top 7 Individual Sports which gives Health Benefit more than any Gadget

1. CYCLING/ BICYCLINGCycling Bicycling; Cycling; Bicycling; Individual Sports; Health Benefits

It is one of the famous and widely popular sport. If you’re not very fond of walking and running, then this can be a good option for you. Cycling can help you protect you from diseases such as stroke, heart attack, some cancers, depression, diabetes, obesity and arthritis.

Riding a bike is considered as healthy, fun and a low impact form of exercise. It is quite easy to fit into your daily routine by riding for the shops, park, school or work and of course it is not that costly. Anyone can afford it easily. It gives you less strain and injuries than other form of exercise. It increases stamina, strength and overall aerobic fitness. The other health benefits of cycling and bicycling are increases cardiovascular fitness, improved joint mobility, strengthens bones, prevention and management of disease.


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