Yes, I’m the president and I can shake you the way I wanted to.

It seems like the newly elected President of USA has taken handshake to the extreme level. Though, he’s being famous for his sarcastic comments on twitter, behaving terribly with his wife, showing his power or superiority and for his dominating behavior. Apart from all these, Donald Trump is also known for strangest and weirdest handshake. It really sounds funny, but Trump has its own unique style in meeting with other countries President, Foreign Leaders and even with his followers. His memes and compilation of the handshake are getting popular and trending in social media.

Trump has its own way of stealing the limelight or I would say his definition of meeting with others is quite different and awkward than the others. Body language expert says that, it is easy to judge someone by the handshake that how the person feel or thinks about you. It is the gesture which sometimes shows how superior you think of yourself when you meet and greet others. It’s time to give you Top 5 handshake which shows Donald trump Awkward superiority status. Let the show begins.

Top 5 Handshake which shows Donald Trump Awkward Superiority Status

1. Justice Gorsuch really shaken up

Handshake, Donald Trump, Donald Trump HandshakeNeil Gorsuch is an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States who is nominated by President Donald trump. After the announcements, the two come up together to greet each other. But no one has ever imagined that it’s going to become a hilarious subject for all the paparazzi. Donald Trump actually pull’s Gorsuch’s hand in a very bad and hilarious manner, not only once, not twice but three times Trump forcefully pull’s Gorsuch’s hand and slap it again and again. Neil Gorsuch expressions are worth to notice. Everyone was talking about the handshake rather than congratulating Gorsuch.


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