Game of Thrones is an American Fantasy Drama Television series which is created by David Benioff and D.B.Weiss. Though, the characters of Game of Thrones don’t live in a perfect world. But, every female character is represented in a bold and strong manner. There are plenty of fascinating characters like Daenerys Targaryen and Arya Stark, while some may have her own uniqueness, bold and style. Game of Thrones is widely grabbing the attention and eyeballs because of his bold, hot and steamy female characters played by many talented women’s.

These women seem living their character to the fullest.They are well considering as being nice, honest or being bad ass. Every character demands something and some are going to the extreme level. Many female characters are sexually luring and seducing many men’s on the Game of Thrones. They are literally slaying and nailing it with their characters. Here are Outrageously Top 3 Female Prostitute characters who are slaying the Game of Thrones.

Outrageously Top 3 Female Prostitute Character who are slaying Game of Thrones

1. ARMECA [Sahara Knite]Armeca; game of thrones; Prostitute; Character; Female character;

Sahara Knite played the character called Armeca, is a prostitute who works at the brothel of Lord Peryr Baelish in Kings landing. She was seen with Jerome Flynn and is best remembered for being part of much talked about the lesbian sex scene in the series. Sahara played a prostitute in first two series of Game of Thrones. She is actually a real-life hooker who charges up to $900 for her services. Her character in the series was specially created for her. She is tutored by the newly arrived “Ros”, while Petyr lectures them on the art of seduction. The character of Armeca is bold, sexy and steamy who never fails to show her inner desire while mating up with her partner.

2. DOREAH [Roxanne Mckee]game of thrones; Prostitute; Character; Female character; Doreah

Roxane Mckee played the character of Doreah in the Television adaptation Game of Thrones. She is also as bad and as hot as Armeca. She played a young slave with the blonde hair and blue eyes. Doreah was one of the bed slaves in one of the “pleasure houses” of the free city of Lys. She tasked with teaching Daenerys how to best satisfy her husband sexually. The character is well played by the Roxanne Mckee who hails from West Sussex and was first discovered when she won a TV Network talent Contest. She initially appeared as a guest star in the first season of the series and returned with the same character for the second season as well.

3. SHAE [ Sibel Kekilli]game of thrones; Prostitute; Character; Female character; shae

Sibel Kekilli, a German-born girl worked as a pornographic actress using the stage name Dilara. She became more widely popular for the role as Shae in the series of Game of Thrones as well as for her activism against violence against women. Shae played the young prostitute serving Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion initially confined Shae, but later made her the handmaiden to Sansa. Later, she betrayed them both. Shae is a young woman with full of secrets and mystery. She always dreams of wealth and power. Her character is quite fierce yet confident and bold at the same time.


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