Ellen DeGeneres or we can pronounce it as “duh-generous”. It is hard and almost impossible for anyone to write something about her. She’s widely known as one of the most well-known comedians and also named as “Most Funniest Person” in America. Generes is still making all of us laugh today with her most popular show worldwide “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. Ellen has invited Oprah Winfrey, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Michelle Obama, Nicki Minaj and the list of other celebrities which is never going to end.

Yes, she’s the first featured and first female comedian who is invited to the show “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”. She’s also the second women to host the Oscar’s on her own. There’s nothing which she cannot do and cannot achieve. She’s great personality at all times. So, you still wanna know Why Ellen DeGeneres is so Generous yet famous. You will surely start loving her as a person more by reading this.

  Why Ellen DeGeneres is so Generous yet Famous

1. Women of SubstanceEllen DeGeneres, Ellen DeGeneres wife, Ellen DeGeneres Famous, Ellen DeGeneres generous

Despite being so famous and getting so much popularity, she’s truly a woman which never give up and stand on her own. Ellen has overpowered the patriarchy system going on in our world. Her journey was not that easy as it seems. Ellen was sexually abused by her stepfather when she was so young but later she confessed the same to her mother. She’s highly independent and comfortable with her sexual orientation. She came out of the closed fearly and gracefully about “Being Gay” when she appeared in the Oprah Winfrey show. Ellen usually calls her non-religious as she believes in God and sees him as omnipresent. She always stands for what she believes and stands up for LGBT community rights and their issues. No matter what the world saying about her, she’s true, honestly and deeply is a woman of substance in real terms.

2. Big Animal LoverEllen DeGeneres Generous;

Ellen is among those celebrities who stand up against animal’s cruelty and killings. She wowed us when she decided to transform her into a vegetarian. She’s one of the active members of PETA. Ellen recently launched a new section of her website which is entirely devoted to adopting a vegan lifestyle.“Going Vegan with Ellen” is a great source of information where one can learn positive, healthy effects of being a veggie. Her favorite TV channels are Animal Planet. Ellen raised two adorable and lovely dogs named Bootsie and Muffin. That could be the reason that she has lent her voice for the famous cartoon character named “Dory” in the popular animated series “Finding Nemo”. American Express also signs DeGeneres as one its spokespeople for a global ad campaign.

3. Believes in HumanitarianismEllen DeGeneres Humanity; Ellen DeGeneres Generous; Ellen DeGeneres Famous; Ellen DeGeneres Humanity; Ellen DeGeneres Generous; Ellen DeGeneres;

Well Last year, Ellen DeGeneres was honored as the People’s Choice Awards’ Favorite Humanitarian. She has actually given away more than $50 million dollars on her show. DeGeneres was generous and charitable for years and years and we have seen the same so many times on her own show. Despite winning 38 Emmy’s and 14 People’s Choice Award, she has given more and more amount of money that one can imagine.

She has raised $12.5 million for breast cancer, more than $10 million for families affecting from hurricanes and $21 million to individuals and families who shared their stories with her on her show. She has also engaged many other celebrities like Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Ryan Reynolds in giving back homes, help a military family living in poverty, helping a homeless people and many more. Her contribution to the welfare of the people and economy is never being forgotten.

4. Quite Adventurous and FunnyEllen DeGeneres; Ellen DeGeneres Famous; Ellen DeGeneres Generous;

We all know that Ellen is a born comedian and known for his best comic timings and humor. Though her style is unusual and sarcastic she never sees the humor in mocking others. Here jokes are usually to boost other’s ego and don’t hurt anyone. She’s a master at crafting jokes which easily make people like her. Ellen has her own ride at Disney called “Ellen’s Energy Adventure” which is a popular attraction in the Epcot Future World Park. She’s also a great prankster as well, we have seen many times in her show where she used to scare many celebrities and even some of them also become a part of this prank by scaring other guests as well. Ellen’s laugh and smile is also contagious which makes her more funny and humorous.

5. Among one of the bestEllen DeGeneres; Ellen DeGeneres Famous; Ellen DeGeneres Generous;

Ellen DeGeneres is one of those celebrities who lived her life on her own terms & conditions. She has achieved many prestigious and honorable awards that hardly one can count. Ellen breaks People’s Choice Award with 20 wins where Justin Timberlake introduced Generes as “one of the best people on this planet”. Ellen breaks down into tears when Barack Obama honored her with the award Medal of Freedom. Her talk show has also been a success. The show has won a total of 33 Daytime Emmy Awards, including 4 for outstanding talk Show and 3 for Outstanding Show for Entertainment. Her contribution in the field of show business is beyond comparison. Ellen proved her as a good Daughter, Sister, Mother, Comedian and more than as a human.


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