We have heard many times that it is time to end our relationship or it is time to move on. Breaking any type of relationship is very painful for us. We don’t want to lose our partner or dear ones whom we have loved so much and share our valuable time and thoughts with them. Some have rightly said that getting into a relationship with any person is easy but the most difficult thing is to make it work the way we wanted to. A relationship can be of any type whether with husband, wife, brother or with sister. We sometimes take them for granted and think that they own us something which is not true.relation, relationship, communication, communication gap

It is a human tendency that we usually blame each other if the relationship is not working. We started pointing out and started raising fingers on each other. This is the reason why divorce cases are increasing day by day which no one can count. But, have you ever realized what possible way you have tried to make any relationship work? You better think twice before raising your voice. Stop judging too soon. You are surely doing something wrong which is affecting your relationship. It’s time to start thinking about your pros and cons and don’t try this 2’s else you will surely ruin your relationship.

Don’t Try this 2’s- Else You will surely ruin your Relationship

1. MiscommunicationMiscommunication; Relationship; Relation;

This is the worst thing you are doing to yourself which is actually ruining your relationship. Miscommunication is the main and the biggest problem in every relation. You are actually wondering how you are doing that. Isn’t it? Let me ask you one question do you really take your friends or family advice to save your relationship? Of course, you do, everyone does it and they will surely come up with bundles of advice and solutions which only depend on their personal experiences. Their pieces of advice hopefully will help you some way or the other. But, do you still think that he or she will know your partner better than you. I guess no.

This is how miscommunication works. Instead of talking and communicating with our partner over some issues, we started looking for options and opinions and totally get influenced by that easily. This is how you are affecting your relationship more and more by not communicating with your partner. It’s better if you keep aside your ego and whenever you think the time is right then started explaining and resolve your dispute. No one knows you better whether it’s your parents, friends or colleagues expect your partner. Stop misguiding yourself and taking advice from here and there. People usually miscommunicate you knowingly or unknowingly. No matter what pain you are going through, just explain your partner your problems and issues in a humble and pleasant manner.


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