Apart from being so popular and widely famous, celebrities are also best known for dumping partners and getting into a new relationship. It is hard for someone to bear the pain of break ups but it seems that our very own celebrities make it a new way of making them in the news. Though, it is hard to judge whether they are doing it knowingly or they are really in love with each other. Fans are extremely curious to know which celebrity is dumped by whom and who is stealing the limelight with their new boyfriends and partners.

Celebrities are spotted many times in Beaches, Restaurant, Coffee Shops etc with their new partners. Yet, they never accept it that they are truly in love with each other or not. People started playing guessing games over the social media and broke the internet many times with their tweets and comments. Here are the lists of Top 5 celebrities from Dumping to Dating new boyfriends in 2017.

Top 5 Celebrities from Dumping to Dating New Boyfriend in 2017

1. GIGI HADID & ZAYN MALIKGigi Hadid and Zayn Mailk; Gigi Hadid; Zayn malik; Relationship; Celebrities;

GIGI & ZAYN has raised and set the new bar for relationship goals. These newly allegedly couple has stolen the limelight when they first announced that they are into relationship with each other. They kept media playing the guessing game for few months but later they posted a pic together on Instagram where their picture reveals the truth about them.

GIGI is one of the highest paid supermodels in the world where ZAYN was one of the favorite members of his famous band “One Direction”. It’s already been a one year when two couples celebrated their first anniversary. They have seen many times holding each other hands and posed together in many green carpets and awards show. Their social media PDA’s are enough to describe their eternal love they have with each other.

2. SELENA GOMEZ & THE WEEKNDSelena Gomez and The Weeknd, Celebrities, The Weeknd, Relationship, Selena GomezNo, No..You got it wrong. I am not here to talk about his former boyfriend Justin Bieber. Everyone is aware of the fact Selena & Justin has been dated each other and already accepted that they are into the relationship. But, sadly both couples have broken up with each other which make both the celebrities fans quite sad and uneasy as well. No one has any idea whom they have to blame for it. But it seems like Selena is quite aware of the phrase “All’s well that ends well” and moved on with his previous relationship.

Selena has found her love match and confirms her relationship with the Canadian singer “The Weeknd”. The couple first spotted in the L.A. having dinner where they were pictured smooching each other. Both have taken their love to the worldwide, traveling to Italy together and making their romance known to social media. Selena & Weeknd make their couple debut at the Met Gala together.

3. RIHANNA & HASSAN JAMEELRihanna, Hassan jameel,Celebrities; Relationship;

Rihanna’s relationship is full of ups and downs and no one can figure out what that famous Diva wants and why she’s not able to find his true love. She has dated many hot male celebrities that anyone can count. She’s one of those celebrities who never hide her relationship over social media. Her pictures are enough to talk about her relationship status. Rihanna has been in a relationship with Drake, Chris Brown and rumored to have hooked up with Rob Kardashian, Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutcher and many more.

She’s again coming into paparazzi where she has surprised us and spotted with a mystery man while on holiday in Spain. Later, the mystery man identified as the 29-year-old Saudi Billionaire Hassan Jameel. The mystery man is extremely rich, handsome and smoking hot. Rihanna confirms her romance with Saudi Toyota heir Hassan Jameel as they out on steamy display in Spain. Rihanna also confirms that “she’s is in love with him and completely smitten by him”.

 4. LADY GAGA & CHRISTIAN CARINOCelebrities; Relationship; Lady gaga, Christian carino

Lady Gaga bad romance sounds very bad and betrayal for her when she accused of cheating to heartbreaks by former boyfriend Taylor Kinney. Gaga announced her engagement with her boyfriend and sadly found cheated and betrayal by him. She later split up with ex-boyfriend Taylor Kinney in an emotional interview where she talks about her relationship.

But the new gossips turned the page for her where Lady Gaga and her new boyfriend Christian Carino were spotted on a date. Carino is an entertainment agent who has represented stars such as Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez. It seems like Gaga is just doing fine with him. They were first spotted in January 2017 and they were also seen out together for her 31st birthday. The rumored has also started aired that the couple was already engaged with each other but not yet confirm from both sides. The couple has spending quality time with each other and seen posed a picture together at various platforms and music events.

5. KYLIE & TRAVIS SCOTTRelationship; Celebrities; Kylie Jenner, travis Scott

More than their hot steamy photoshoot, music videos, scandals, Kardashian is also known for their new boyfriends and relationship. They never fail to grab the eyeballs and became the talk of the town. Kylie also rumored to be dated young Money rapper Lil Twist and off and on a relationship with Tyga. Though, Kylie was officially broken up with last boyfriend Tyga and found new man Travis Scott as his new boyfriend.

Travis and Kylie have seen making out during Dillon Francis set. Travis has dated Rihanna before. It looks like both couples have moved on to their previous relationship. They are enjoying the cozy and warm relation with each other now. The couple has also spotted many times at many events and confirms that both are in a relationship.


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