Fashion Industry is among one of the most expensive industries with renowned and expensive brands which are growing day by day even more. Clothing today has become more of a luxury that adds glamour to one’s appearance and is viewed upon as an extension of one’s personality. Most of the products that celebrities use are of high-quality and they look for the famous brands to ensure that they get the best thing. Designers are constantly trying to imagine new trends that will catch the attention of mass media.Expensive brands; Brands; Brands; expensive; World expensive; world expensive brand; expensive brand; world brand;

Now, people not only spend a lot of time in selecting clothes but also spend a huge sum of money over clothing or brand to look different from other people. The luxury market is expanding and is still growing. Many brands are now introducing in the market while brands like Prada, Gucci, and Hermes have already overtaken the market and reaching the number one spot. Though, these brand are also considering one of the most luxurious brands of all times. Here give you the world’s top 3 expensive brands of 2017.

Choose your brand wisely- World’s Top 3 expensive brands of 2017

1. Dior ( $31.4 Billion) Expensive brands; Brands; Brands; expensive; World expensive; world expensive brand; expensive brand; world brand;

Dior is the most coveted and top runway brands that specialize in both haute couture as well as off-the-rack clothing. It is one of the most expensive clothing brands in the world and nobody can even have enough. Apart from clothing, it has also given perfume, handbags, and cosmetics too. Dior is famous for its highly sophisticated, glamour, elegance, modernized and prestige clothing brands. Dior is such a famous brand that it works with many famous people. These highly expensive products attract women from fashion industry as well. There are other products as well which are available for men and children as well. Now, the Dior brand is worth $11.91 billion and it has annual revenue of $34billion. The brand is truly a status symbol.


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